Real estate practice

Video is not "the future" of real estate marketing.  Buyers demand it now!  So we strive to set the quality standard for video production excellence today. 

Video is included as a basic feature of our listing service.


Video.  Included.

Property Enhancement Checklist

We'll walk through and review your home, room by room.  Along the way, we'll be creating a to-do list of changes or improvements to prepare for market.

We base our recommendations on years of showing homes,  accumulating and conveying feedback from countless buyer interactions.  We know what your prospective buyer would be thinking, and we make recommendations accordingly.

In-depth Market Analysis

We'll provide you with the most up-to-date information on your neighborhood, and give you strong, well-researched recommendations on positioning your property, relative to the market and for optimal pricing strategy.

Comprehensive Promotion & Marketing Plan

       This video shows exactly what we do to market your home, not just to the local area, but to the world.

Crystal Clear Communication

While your property is on the market, you will be hearing from us.  We'll be providing feedback, analysis and recommendations, based on market responses.  

Additionally, every Monday you'll receive a more formal summary market update on how we're doing for you.  We run the numbers: showings, video views, market responses, and coming soon (again), hits on your custom home's listing website.

Comprehensive Transaction Management

The RE/MAX DFW team utilizes industry-leading technology to deep-track each deal to the closing table and final funds dispersal, assuring that you'll be able to move onto the next phase of your life.

Negotiating and Structuring the Sale

Input your home in the MLS

We share all the details about your home, including things like room measurements, pictures - everything - with thousands of agents who are also members of the Multiple Listing Service.  Every agent becomes a defacto member of our salesforce in selling your home.  Leveraging their relationships, we expose your home to thousands upon thousands of buyers.

The Petty Team has negotiated many sales contracts.  With your goals as the baseline, we recommend appropriate offer responses to achieve the ultimate goal: a property sale with the best price and terms available in the market today.