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Buyer Services

Listen and adapt to your needs.

The first time we meet with you, either in our office or at a coffee shop, we'll explain how we work and how it benefits you.  

Provide frequent, accurate market updates.

We'll make sure you stay on top of new homes on the market. You'll also be receiving an automated report showing what homes have dropped into your price range that match your most desired criteria.

Create video for out-of-area buyers.

We represent buyers who live in different cities and states - and even abroad!  We have added high quality video tours to our normal services, so these buyers can get the best "feel" for what the serious contenders on the list are really like.

Deliver scheduled every-Monday status updates.

This is for buyers involved in transactions.  We don't wait for Mondays to status our buyers, but you're hearing from us on Monday anyway.  Because of separation anxiety.  Ours, not yours.  But maybe yours.

‚ÄčThis is home inspector Mike Clarkson, beloved by clients.  He knows his stuff.  Plus, we really like his hat.  We have access to a broad lineup of trustworthy, professional tradespeople.  Hats not necessarily included.

Here's a video we made about home inspections featuring Mike:

Proactively seek homes not currently on the market.

That's right.  If you're looking for a specific home type that we know exists out there...somewhere...we'll send letters to prospective sellers and follow up by knocking on DOORS! to find it.  We've done it.  And we'll do it again.

Sarah knocking on doors to find the right home for the Lawsons.  

Provide team approach.

Rather than a solo act, the Petty Team is comprised of veteran real estate agents who will be advocating and managing the process together for your home.  No extra cost.

No sales pressure - we advise what's right for you.

We don't tell people where they should be laying their heads at night for the next few years.  But we give our buyers the best of our real estate education and experience to make confident, informed decisions for themselves.

Strong negotiation skills on your behalf.

We'll be using our extensive experience in negotiation to help you get the best deal possible with the terms that suit your needs.

Finding a home is a

Process of Elimination

We'll help you focus your efforts in the most efficient means possible, which involves eliminating homes that don't fit your needs.

But first: We'll provide a short list of great lenders.  

They'll qualify you or provide a road map to future success.

"YES!  This. Is. It!"

Recommend trade professionals throughout process.



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